Thursday, 24 March 2011

Stroller Idaman

tgh tak dek keje ne.. mama dok usya2 stroller lah..
skrg ne tgh femes stroller Quinny Zapp kan? tp mama xbape minat la.. psl mcm besar n berat sikit utk perempuan yg lemah lg lembik seperti mama ne nk angkat2... plus harganya yg fuh dasat mahalnye...
tp berbaloi psl leh pakai lama kan? n design dia sgt terkini n menarik : )
Tp mama terjatuh centa dgn stroller brand combi...  brand neh dr jepun.. so mmg di design kan utk org asia yg kecil molek.. maknanya mmg ringan... xsmp 6kg pun!! huhu kan sng nk angkat..

3 jenis combi stroller yg mama berkenan:-

 ::Combi Super Mechacal TM359::

Product features:
  • 3 different reclining angles of the backrest, which can be adjusted up to 160 degree.
  • Full coverage canopy with window.
  • Canopy with mesh window for better ventilation, and can be closed in windy days.
  • Movable mesh top window to let you fee secured while seeing the face of the baby.
  • Front guard cover can be detached and washed.
  • Detachable and washable seat cushion.
  • Detachable front guard.
  • Front swivel wheels
- Weight: 4.9kg 
- Recommended Age: Newborn to 24 months

 ::Combi Urban Walker Stroller::

Features:* Easy 1-hand fold while you carry Baby or your groceries with your other hand
* Easy folding operation for opening and folding stroller
* 5-point and ultra-safe seat belt design
* Detachable front guard with washable cover and seat cushion
* Equipped with big basket and shoulder strap for easy carrying

* Product Weight: 6.2 kg
* Appropriate: from 1 month to 36 months

::Combi Well Carry Stroller::
The Combi Well Carry is a mix of the benefits of the Combi Urban Walker and the Combi Well Comfort
  •  3D Mesh Seat
  •  One Touch 5 point seat Harness
  • Canopy with mesh window
  • Moisture free rapid dry polyester
  • large Shopping basket
  • Detachable front guard

  • light weight (5.5 kgs)
    Available Color :  RED / BLACK
    Suitable from newborn to 20kgs. (Approx 3~4 yrs)

    pd mama tiga2 pun syatek... pasal ringan.. nnt papa blk.. kt usul kan kat papa ye... kekeke... 
    dr pagi smp ke tghri dekat seploh kali papa dok call je.. risau kalo mama sakit lg..huhu.. 
    tp Alhamdulillah mama dah rase ringan sket bdn... layan blog sama fb xla pk sakit sgt..
    kalo ade mommy2 yg nk usha2 stoller combi neh sila la klik dekat
    selamat menjamu mata okay!! : )


    1. hi salam... effa hr tu tgk quinny , about 2000+ sales girl tu kate ringan, die skali ngn yg dlm kete.. pening kan nk pilih stroller hihi

    2. salam effa.. harganya mmg mahal kan.. tp klu bl on9 murah sket kot..but still expensive hoho... mmg pening pun.. nak yg bagus tp mau jimat..kekekke